Old City
"God extends grace for all of our lives and by seeking him he has given me favor"  

Tallassee, Alabama native, Andrew McCarter, is an independent, inspirational, hip hop artist with a captivating sound and message within the music. With a family deeply rooted in love and faith, Andrew found his love for music in the church.


His strong faith in Christ, ever-growing love for the gift of music and continuous growth in his skill set let him know he had a calling and purpose at an early age. Growing up with exposure to various musical genres and artists, Andrew developed his own distinct sound with a powerful message to accompany.


This message is sparking the Youth everywhere! Rightfully so, Andrew is invested in broadening the perspective of the young mind as it pertains to the word of God. Music with a message. At just the young age of 17, he knew not only did he have a purpose in it, but he also had a calling to worship and service the Lord with his music.


The acknowledgment of this musical gift and the continuous pursuit of purpose has afforded Andrew the opportunity to display his gift in many different rooms and stages alike. These stages have included churches, festivals, revivals, conferences, and more!


Reaching the younger and older generations the same. The list gets longer as the approaching months bring new stages and new opportunities.


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